"Thank you for making me struggle, Thank you for making me grind. I perfected my hustle, Tell me the world ain’t mine"-Maino


"You gotta invest in yourself so you can feel what it feels like to loose and win for yourself" -@2Chains

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Nothing is Original

Being creative is never original, nothing is original. Written in thy Holiest of Scriptures (The Bible) in Ecclesiastes: “That which has been will be, That which is done will be done, and there is nothing new under the sun.” Even as people we are nothing but a summation of our influences. All of our philosophies, are mannerisms, the way that we speak, and the way that we dress, are taken from our influences. Genetically you are both your mother and father balled up into one. You may resemble one more than the other but you get much more from them than looks. As a musician, Jimi Hendrix is the  combination of B.B. King, Muddy Waters, Howlin’ Wolf, Albert King and Elmore James, rhythm and blues and soul guitarists Curtis Mayfield and Steve Cropper, and Wes Montgomery. When you take all of these artists and put them together you get Jimi Hendrix.

As a creator your job is to draw your work from as many different places as possible. For example as a musician I try to listen to as many different types of music as possible. When I was first learning how to play the piano, I listened to Alicia Keys, John Legend, Robin Thicke, and Stevie Wonder and tried to combine their use of chords and runs into my style. As a songwriter I try to use as much clever wordplay as possible, emulating artists like Big L, Lupe Fiasco, Kid Cudi, John Mayer, and many others. Then as a composer I listen to Steve Vai, Daft Punk, Buckethead, Havoc (Mobb Deep), Nightmares on Wax, and a slew of others. The goal is to become something greater than my inspiration. As a businessman, I strive to become as innovative as Steve Jobs, hustle like Diddy, and have as much fun doing it like Richard Branson.

If you are trying to learn your craft its best to emulate your idols as much as possible. My advice is to start with one and become as learned in their style as possible. Take the things that they do well and expand on them. Then move on to the next one and repeat. Slowly but surely you will build a foundation of creation. You will become the summation of your idols, not exactly like one, which in turn will make you original.

"The secret to creativity is knowing how to hide your sources." -Albert Einstein


OPIFEX designs 

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What exactly is an Opifex?

OPIFEX- is a Latin word meaning artisan or manufacturer and referring to a worker who created something. The word is derived from the Latin words opus (“work” or “thing”) and facio (“to make”).

The ability to create is a power that is given to each of us when we are born. As  children we are given imaginations that can take us to places as far as the Great Wall of China within the confines of our living rooms. We are able to to jump over lava in our bedrooms by clinging ever so dearly to our beds and couches. As we grow older, society requires us to become serious, to lose our childlike imagination and creativity and become “realistic”. We must have realistic goals, have realistic dreams, have realistic imaginations. If the ancient Egyptians were “realistic” would the Great Pyramids and the Great Sphinx have stood through the ages? If Thomas Edison were realistic would there be light in the room that you are reading this post in? Your imagination is the blueprint of creation. Anything that your mind can devise can one day be tangible through sheer hard work and an iron will.

No matter what you study, or where you work, don’t suppress your childlike urge to create, to build things with your own hands. Solace can be found through the little things that we enjoy doing with our hands.


"Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions."-ALBERT EINSTEIN

"It is when we create that we are closest to God, and the powers above."-Some guy named Babatunde

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